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An Entrepreneur was born

Mariyah has had a love for the arts since her family can remember. She loves singing, dancing and playing her guitar. She also loves to draw, write and cook. She began baking when she was eight years old and loves to bake her famous peanut butter cookies for her immediate and extended family. Inspired by her mom writing her first book, Mariyah decided to write short stories of her own. One of her short stories turned into her first chapter book “The Adventures of the Power Twins and the Power Squad” which was released in Jun 2019 right before her eleventh birthday. She is now writing her second book “My Crazy Wacky Year of School (Kaitlyn's Revenge)" and it is scheduled to be released December 2020. Mariyah was destined to be an entrepreneur. When she was the tender age of 4, she and her mom had a discussion about where she wanted to work in her future. She said she didn’t want to work. Her mom asked her if she wanted to work for her in her business. Mariyah replied that she wanted to be her mom’s business partner. Through CreativelyMariyah, Mariyah would like to spread love to others and inspire and help other children. She also is saving for her education. In addition to this page, Mariyah has a Facebook, Instagram and YouTube page called Mariyah’s creativity which she created about a year ago. The YouTube is mostly Mariyah having fun and being a kid. Thank you so much for taking the time to support Mariyah.

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